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The Internet Search center:iTools, the Internet Search Center.

Search Engines and Indexes
Altavista, Dogpile, eDirectory, Excite, FINDSPOT, HotBot, infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, MetaCrawler, Mining Company, Snap, WebCrawler, Yahoo , Search.Com


Acronym and Abbreviation Search
American Memory, Downloadable multimedia American History resources
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
FOLDOC, Free Online Dictionary of computing
The Library of Congress
Nasa-Wide Search Engine
Rhyming Dictionary, simple rhyme search
Roget's Thesaurus
The Smithsonian Institutions

The World Wide Web Virtual Library

Other Informational Sources

Switchboard, your telephone white pages on the 'Net
Four11, find that e-mail address
BigFoot, keep finding e-mail addresses
BigBook, find that phone number you've been searching for
On'Village, find that business
BigYellow, find more businesses
Comparenet, side by side comparisons of products
MapQuest, Print out maps and itineries
Maps On Us, A Map, Router, and Yellow Pages
Infolist,a compendium of Consumer Hotline Numbers
ClassMates, find your old high school classmates
Excite People Finder
Free Internet Encyclopedia, index of Net info
Accufind, another search facility
Whois, InterNIC , check whether that domain name you want is already taken
NCSA Starting Points, for the internet


Home Schooling & Education

American Universities
Home School World HomePage
The Un-Schooling Home Schooler
The Teel Family WebSite An Alaskan family's home school experiences
Landry Virtual Library


Internet Travel Network, online reservations
Easy Sabre, American Airlines' Reservation service for most airlines
Microsoft Expedia, Microsoft's travel service
City Guide USA
Hotels on the Web,
all the hotels on the internet
Travelocity, online reservations


Newspapers, News Organizations

The Nando Times,
showed them all how to publish online since July, 1994.
News Resource, Click on the world map for an exhaustive list of news sources of that region.
LA Times
The Times of London
New York Times

USA Today
San Jose Mercury, the paper for Silicon Valley news
Wall Street Journal Interactive
CNN Interactive

Medicine and Health

America's Doctor, free private chats with online doctors 24 hours a day
America's Health Network, webcasting of medical procedures
Doc in the Box, easy to access medical information, 120 chat groups and advice from radio physician Nancy Snyderman
InteliHealth, health information from Johns Hopkins
Medical College of Wisconsin, source page for online medical information
Medical Online, Australian source for helpful medical information
Medicine Online, more helpful information
Mediconsult, information for patients and care-givers
Medscape, medical information from the site that doctors use
On Health Network, a well-being site aimed primarily at women
ThriveOnline, alternative medicine, diet and exercise tips
University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center, Numerous cancer related links
U.S. National Library of Medicine, Information on health and other medical topics
WebMD, a web service for doctors, now has free consumer service


Law Information

Internet legal resources
Law Forum Information on Law Schools, Bar Associations, etc.
Law Crawler, law search engine


Financial Information

International Financial Encyclopedia, financial encyclopedia and management dictionary
Debt Collection - your rights
The Consumer Law Page

Car Buying

Autobytel car buying online service
CARveat Emptor
Kelley Blue Book used car values and new car prices

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